3 Tips and How To Heal Fever Quickly Without Drugs

3 Tips and How To Heal Fever Quickly Without Drugs
3 Tips and How To Heal Fever Quickly Without Drugs
3 Tips and How To Heal Fever Quickly Without Drugs

3 Tips and How To Heal Fever Quickly Without Drugs

Fever is often experienced by children, but adults can also be affected although the frequency which is not too high as children. One of the causes of fever typically starts with a headache in advance. While still a child when ill fever feeling we are not too difficult because there were older people who always take care of us anytime. But what about when it became a college student living alone or working in remote areas alone?. Surely we should be independent and be able to treat yourself when Fever ravaged the body.

Since becoming a numberless students the few times I had a fever, but from there I learned how to cope with a fever alone without having to go to a doctor and without taking the medication though. I usually only experience fever 1 day to 2 days only. This time I will share tips and how to heal a fever quickly without drugs.

How to cure a fever

1. drink warm water running mates
drink warm water running mates

Drinking warm water can dispense toxins inside the body through the urine. One of the cause of the fever is due to the large number of toxins in the body, so the body needs to rid itself of these toxins are pulled out. The most effective way and is not harmful is to drink a lot of water while being exposed to the cold. Otherwise reduce abusive consumption of food while it is cold.

2. Compress with warm water
Compress with warm water

If the body temperature usually rushes are going up, sometimes the body feels cold and felt chills. Take the warm water, then keep on top of the fabric and place it on the top of the Cantle and your stomach. The goal is to lower the heat your body due brain indirectly respond to the warm temperature and consider if the heat generated is already quite high. Repeat that, if the fabric that contains warm water not warm already last longer.

3. Break

Once the Agency in compress with warm water, then immediately rest yourself. Try to sleep, let your body work stop your fever. When a fever you'll usually feel nausea, if that happens don't hold yourself to throw up, because it is a good sign that it is no longer you will be cured.

That's the 3 ways I normally do while being fever, I no longer need to the hospital and didn't need to consume drugs.
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